About Us

The Bean Shop - Coffee Roasters

was established in 2003 by husband and wife duo, John and Lorna Bruce, with the vision of delivering the finest coffee roasted in Scotland to the good people of Perth and the UK.  We started roasting coffee in the basement of our George Street shop on our trusty 5Kg Probat roaster.  Eleven years on it is still going strong...

We started selling coffee online in 2004 and have continued to develop blends and refine our coffee list to ensure that we always have a selection of the finest speciality coffee beans available.

Working closely with skilled import partners, we manage consistent quality through tasting and constant evaluation of our coffees, selecting only the finest quality beans that will ensure the best flavour in the cup.  

Roasting by hand gives our coffee the attention to detail and the distinctive flavour that it deserves.  We roast in small batches, daily so that the coffee's individual characteristics can shine through.  By tasting and sharing our roasting techniques we can offer a consistency and depth of flavour unique to The Bean Shop. 

Freshness is the key for great coffee so we roast to order and don't leave coffee sitting around to lose its intrinsic flavour.  We only roast what we need and bag the coffee into one way valve bags to preserve the delicate aromas and flavours.

This is who we are...

John Bruce

was born and brought up on a tea plantation in India that his father ran in Darjeeling which gave him an early education in tasting and processing of tea. He grew up to have a discerning palate and love for great coffee and tea. John loves coffee, Lorna, his five children, swimming in rivers and lochs, motorbiking and eating asparagus.

Lorna Bruce

fell in love with coffee as an art student in Aberdeen where she had a part time job as a coffee roaster to fund her studies and has 15 years experience of roasting beans. Lorna loves coffee, John, her twin boys, running (sometimes), gardening, Jagger & Cleo (her Jack Russells) and drawing & painting.

Hannah Turner

is our Girl Friday and makes sure we're spick and span and in good order for the weekend!  Hannah loves coffee, Converse All Stars, Dr. Martins, camping, travelling, Croatia, mints, the band Muse, playing guitar and piano and anything purple.

Emma Carey

is a ruthlessly efficient member of the team when she's not studying to be a doctor.  Emma loves coffee, netball, travelling, shopping, perfectly neat lecture notes, skiing, brunch, crystal clear water and sitting next to the fire in winter time.

Molly Edwards

is our youngest and newest recruit. She is doing a great job on Saturdays getting to know our Perth customer base and has a lovely giggle. Molly loves coffee, Breaking Bad, sleeping, pizza, pistachios, pesto, the beach, her iPod and bands. 

Amy Nisbet

Jennie Fogg

Eva Kupska

We have grown a bit bigger since 2003 but still have the same core value of customer service.  We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour!