Booja Booja Artists Hazelnut Truffles


16 delicious multi-award winning organic chocolate truffles, handmade by Booja-Booja`s small team in Norfolk. This beautiful box will remain a cherished piece of art long after the truffles are gone.

Fifteen years ago, Booja-Booja began a relationship with Persian Dowry in Kashmir, India. Now 150 talented artisans make and paint these beautiful boxes, using intricate designs which have been passed down for generations. Persian Dowry endeavours to be a sustainable, community based organisation caring for the artists and their families. No machinery and minimal energy are used.

Chocolate* (Cocoa Solids* 55%, Cane Sugar*, Vanilla*), Coconut Oil*, HAZELNUTS* 18%, Cocoa Powder*, *= Organically grown ingredient

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Tasting and Cupping notes