Brazil Daterra Sweet Yellow - Coffee Beans

Medium Roast

honey, passion-fruit, spice


Daterra sets the benchmark for sustainable coffee farming and over its 216 small plantations in the Cerrado region they have the perfect growing conditions for speciality coffee. 

The yellow cultivars grown on Daterra are combined to produce this remarkably sweet honey-like coffee. On the break the nose will detect caramel, molasses, honey, hints of passion fruit and warm spice.  It has a complex yet balanced cup. Caramel, malty grains and honey with notes of toasted pecans introduce a creamy buttery body and a sweet lingering finish.

This coffee is for the 'collection' range where the coffees all score 86-89

Harvesting: Selective mechanical
Processes: Pulped (Semi-washed)
Drying: Patio, Drum drier
Sorting: Size, Density and Electronic Penta-chromatic
Packing: Penta-box

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Roast Medium Roast