Brazil Ipanema Icatu Pulped Natural

Medium Roast

This superb coffee has a beautiful creamy aroma and this carries through to a soft creamy magnolia floral acidity.  There is a medium round body and a mellow walnut like finish. As an espresso, the nutty notes are intensified.

The Ipanema estate, one of the largest plantations in Brazil, has been producing coffee since 1969.  At an altitude of 850-1350m in the Minas Gerais area, they use their 40+ years of planting experience to focus on high quality and traceability of speciality coffee. As the largest employer in the area, the workers are given housing, transport, food staples and a medical plan.  The farm is UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified.    

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Roast Medium Roast