Brazil Daterra Reserve

Medium Roast

apple, raisin, milk chocolate

Daterra is a Rainforest Alliance and Utz Kapeh certified coffee grower with farms in the Cerrado and Mogiana regions of Brazil.  They have a high degree of social and environmental responsibility with respect to their coffee production and work with the aims of sustainability, eco-friendly agriculture and effective ecological practices.  50% of the Daterra land is designated for natural preservation. 

Daterra Reserve is a limited edition of the best coffee from each crop.  It is medium roasted to preserve the intrinsic flavours in the bean.  It has a sweet aroma of raisin biscuit on grinding then delicate red apple acidity, developing in to sweet caramel when tasted.  It has a rich velvety body and a pleasant milk chocolate lingering flavour.  An absolute delight.

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma raisin biscuit

Aftertaste milk chocolate

Acidity apple sweet

Body velvety

Balanced yes

Sweetness yes

Clean Cup yes

Crust caramel

Break chocolate

Flavour sweet

Roast Medium Roast