China Keemun Mao Feng Green Tea - Loose Green Tea


The Mao Feng leaf is in the shape of large needles or bird tongue, and very uniform in size and shape. The tea has an orchid like fragrance and beautiful delicate flavour. This is a refreshing tea ideal for drinking at any time, particularly after a meal.  An impressive quality tea from the province of Zhejian this tea is harvested in early April from bushes growing at an altitude of about 500-600m.  The dark green curled sinensis leaf releases a fine bouquet and brews a lemon yellow liquor and is tender and soft in taste.

4-5 heaped tsp/litre 75-80c water for 1-3 mins.

This is the legend of Mao Feng Tea

Once upon a time there was a young couple very much in love. One day, the local landowner stole the girl away to be his wife. She managed to escape, but, in his fury, her husband had her young love killed. Finding his body in a cave in the mountain, she fell down and wept in utter despair. The mountain goddess took pity on her, and transformed the young man into a tea bush, and the girl, as she wept, became raindrops and mist. And so, to this day, the mountainous county of Qimen is blessed with abundant rains and mists, as the girl’s tears gently caress and support the tea bushes to produce some of the finest teas in China.

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Tasting and Cupping notes