Coffee Gift - The Americas - Coffee Beans

A selection of our best Central and South American coffees.  The beans are all roasted to order for you and can be sent directly to your gift recipient.  We package your gift selection in a  gift box with your message on a gift tag*.  The price includes the following coffees.

250g each of the following :

Brazil Ipanema - beautiful creamy aroma and this carries through to a soft creamy magnolia floral acidity. There is a medium round body and a mellow walnut like finish.

Guatemala Finca Hermosa - fragrance of sweet caramel and fudge with a toffee sweet flavour. The acidity is clean and apple crisp and it has a creamy smooth body.

Nicaragua Finca Las Nubes - citrus and orange with a sweet honey and caramel rich flavour with medium body a smooth milk chocolate finish

El Salvador Los Luchadores - rich, heady aroma with notes of sweet nut and a well balanced clean flavour of first mango, mandarin orange and tangerine citrus, developing into a rich milk chocolate and brown sugar finish.

Honduras El Derrumbo - beautiful sweet fragrance of almond on grinding, flavour of milk chocolate and honey, creamy rich body and apricot jam acidity.

Colombia Entreverdes - delicious pecan, vanilla and cherry aroma with a rich and silky mouthfeel. It has a pineapple sweet acidity and chocolate and hazelnut flavours.

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Tasting and Cupping notes