Colombia El Aguacatal

Medium Roast

gingerbread, apricot, honey

This delicious coffee is shade grown under banana, guava and avacado in the Valle de Cauca - a beautiful and diverse region in SW Colombia between the Cordillera Occidental and Cordillera Central.  The coffee is medium roasted to preserve its intrinsic flavours and has an aroma of sweet spice on grinding. A mild citrus acidity and notes of caramel, walnut and chocolate ensure a satisfying rounded flavour.

The coffee is grown by Cristina Amparo Cardona Yotumbo, a mother of 2, who with her family, pick the cherries at maximum ripeness and then they are milled, fermented for 20 hours, rinsed and dried with a parabolic dryer to around 11% moisture before they are sent to the CENOIC for sorting and export.  The by products of the coffee processing, the pulp and mucilage, is then turned into organic fertiliser.

El Agucatal is a farm in the Cauca region of Colombia at an altitude of 1672masl, 294km Southwest of the capital, Bogota. Cauca is home to the Nasa tribe, an indigenous group who live in harmony with their environment and believe that they are caretakers of the land.  They grow traditionally, having turned their backs on illicit crops as people who have survived a history of narcotics and violence, where coffee provides hope and economic growth.


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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma gingerbread, milk chocolate, allspice

Acidity bright acidity

Body medium

Clean Cup yes

Crust sweet almond, fruity

Break earthy

Flavour tangy and bright

Roast Medium Roast