Colombia Excelso Reserva Tacueyo

Medium Roast

gingerbread, apricot, honey


This Colombian Reserva coffee has a vanilla aroma on grinding, a light citrus gentle acidity and flavours reminiscent of caramelised toffee apple with a slightly chocolatey finish.

Tacueyo is a town in Colombia in the cauca region, 294km Southwest of the capital, Bogota. Cauca is home to the Nasa tribe, an indigenous group who live in harmony with their environment and believe they are caretakers of the land.  They grow traditionally, having turned their backs on illicit crops as people who have survived a history of narcotics and violence, where coffee provides hope and economic growth.

This reserve coffee is produced by the Asprocrit association which comprises around 516 coffee growing farming families.  They pick and pulp the coffee on the same day, fermenting it in the parchment for 14-18 hours then patio drying to around 11.5% moisture with parabolic dryers.  These are like the African raised beds but with an extra covering.   


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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma gingerbread, milk chocolate, allspice

Acidity bright acidity

Body medium

Clean Cup yes

Crust sweet almond, fruity

Break earthy

Flavour tangy and bright

Roast Medium Roast