Colombia Finca La Mercedes

Medium Roast

gingerbread, apricot, honey


A delicious, sweet coffee with a light orange acidity when brewed, delicate apricot and peach aromas and a suggestion of cherry in the flavour. 

Finca Mercedes is located in the mountains of the South West Antoquia region in Colombia where there is the ideal altitude of around 1750-2050 masl and perfect climate for growing coffee.  The farm, owned by Alfonso Eduardo Guerra Velez, has been in the Guerra family since 1960.  There are 150 acres among the forest dedicated to coffee growing where they follow environmentally friendly practices and are focussed on improving their already excellent speciality coffee.  The coffee is fully washed and is of the highest quality.


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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma gingerbread, milk chocolate, allspice

Acidity bright acidity

Body medium

Clean Cup yes

Crust sweet almond, fruity

Break earthy

Flavour tangy and bright

Roast Medium Roast