Colombia Granja La Esperanza Geisha Cerro Azul - Coffee Beans

Light - Medium Roast

honeysuckle, mango, cocoa

Owned by the Herrera Family, La Esperanza (meaning hope) in El Valle del Cauca, enjoys rich volcanic soils due to its elevated location of 1600-1990m.   The team at Esperanza are dedicated to the science and business of growing quality coffee beans and studied the Geisha variety in Boquete, Panama before taking it back to grow in Colombia.  It is a relatively low yielding variety but makes up for that in flavour and quality.  

This exquisite coffee is washed and then dried on African beds and patios and then medium/light roasted to enhance its natural flavour.  The first thing you notice is the intense floral aroma of jasmine, honeysuckle and rose.  On tasting it has a beautiful sweet and delicate fruity acidity of mango and tropical fruits.  This develops into a full silky and soft mouthfeel and has a lasting cocoa finish.

An amazing coffee of international acclaim.




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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma fruity, fragrant

Aftertaste dry lingering

Acidity full

Body medium

Sweetness yes

Clean Cup yes

Crust rich dark fruit

Break herby and fresh

Flavour almonds, berries, chocolate

Roast Light - Medium Roast