El Salvador Santa Leticia Red Bourbon

Medium Roast

Citrus, Cream, Fruit

The coffee is a washed Red Bourbon with a mild sweetness and rich, complex flavour with notes of cherry cola and a creamy milk chocolate finish. 

Passed down through the family, the farms were originally founded in 1870 by noted statesman Francisco Menéndez Valdivieso, a native of the region, a general, the President of the country, as well as the founder of El Salvador’s educational system. Ricardo is his great-grandson. In addition to coffee and preserved forest which is a refuge for the local bird population, the farms contain archaeological ruins from the Mayan era and Ricardo’s daughter Monica runs an eco-tourist lodge on Santa Leticia.

The farm is located near the town of Apaneca, due east of El Salvador’s major coffee landmark, Volcán de Santa Ana, also known as Ilamatepec. It is surrounded by beautiful towns on the Mayan Route. The mountainous region that spans the north and east of the country’s highest still-active volcanic peak is ideal in climate for coffee cultivation. Volcanic soil, steady Pacific breeze, sufficient elevation, and a clear division between rainy and dry seasons make for a fertile environment that is also lush with native forests.

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Roast Medium Roast