Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Grade 1 - Coffee Beans

Medium Roast

complex, apricot, sweet

This coffee is awarded 'Grade 1' by the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange to highlight exceptional quality.  Kochere has incredible sweet lavender floral aromatics and an apricot soft fruity acidity. A complex and vibrant flavour of papaya and sweet mango leads into a black jasmine tea-like lingering finish. A light to medium roast highlights the subtle aromas and flavours.

Kochere is near the village of Chelelektu in Yirgacheffe, where our previous Ethiopian coffee came from.  Although this coffee has the classic Yirgacheffe taste profile, each small growing region adds its own particular nuance to the coffee.  These beans are a smaller, indigenous Ethiopian heirloom varietal grown in 650 smallholder farms on the steep and very fertile slopes at between 1950 and 2150 masl which is really the highest you can get before the frosts impact the coffee's development.  The farmers bring their ripest coffee cherries to be sorted, de-pulped and fermented for 26-48 hours then they are dried on raised beds for around 2 weeks to get them to approximately 12% moisture.  

Around 85% of Ethiopians live rurally, still make their living off the land and grow a combination of subsistence and cash crops.  Coffee is the biggest cash crop, often accompanied by shade trees which can be used both in construction and to make a nutritious flour.

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Flavour sweet fruity

Roast Medium Roast