Guatemala Finca San Bernardo

Light - Medium Roast

candied cherry, toffee, dark chocolate

This delicious Guatemalan coffee has a light citrus aroma, stone fruit acidity leading to a rich rounded flavour with notes of caramelised orange, spicy nutmeg and milk chocolate to finish. 

Finca San Bernardo in the Frijanes region of Guatemala is one of the best quality coffee producers and mill processing farms in the region, thanks to generations of knowledge handed down and preserved through good practice. The Farm started in 1967 though the family had previously grown coffee in Coban.  The producer is Julito Gandara who, with his wife, is the third generation to farm coffee there.
The whole area was originally planted with Nispero, a local fruit tree which shades the coffee trees.

The bourbon and typical coffee trees are grown at an altitude of between 1350 and 1400 masl where the fully ripe coffee cherries are hand picked and sun dried, before being fully washed.

The washed process involves completely removing both the cherry and the mucilage from the outside of the parchment with the use of friction, fermentation and water. After being harvested, the coffee cherry is then sliced open by either a metal or a sharp plastic blade. The two seeds (also known as beans) are pushed out of the cherry, which leaves the seed with mucilage as their outermost layer. It is essential in the washed process that all mucilage is removed from the seed which leaves only the flavour that developed in the cell structure of the seed prior to processing.


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Tasting and Cupping notes

Roast Light - Medium Roast