Honduras Amprocal Women's Cooperative Fairtrade Organic

Medium Roast

pear, fudge, butterscotch

Launched with International Womens Day in mind, the Bean Shop is proud to support  this all female coffee producer.

Amprocal is a delightful Honduran coffee with delicate fruity notes of watermelon and pear which develop into a rich fudge and butterscotch flavour. Grown in the Ocotepeque department of Honduras, Amprocal is an all female cooperative founded by 8 women with a mission to strengthen the presence of female coffee producers in the area.  They now have 86 members.

This coffee is certified fairtrade and organic which means the coffee is produced with sustainability and environmental conservation in mind.  Water from the coffee pulping process is turned into organic fertiliser.  Women farmers make up more than half of the workforce in low and middle income countries and play a critical role in managing and preserving natural resources.

Traditionally women face many injustices in the production of coffee resulting in less income and access to credit and fertilisers.  They have fewer opportunities to own land and livestock.  By supporting Amprocal coffee, it allows women producers to break down gender imbalances in the coffee industry.

Empowering women in agriculture has a profound effect locally for food production and security. The UN's food and agriculture organisation predicts that women can increase the output of developing countries by 2.5-4% which would be a change that would reduce the number of under-nourished people globally.

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma almond, sweet biscuits, vanilla, butter

Body medium

Sweetness yes

Clean Cup yes

Roast Medium Roast