Honduras Guara Azul Roja Microlot Red Honey - Coffee Beans

Medium Roast

vanilla butter sweet

Honduras Guara Roja has a delicate honey sweet acidity with hints of chocolate, almond and peanut butter to finish.  

The Guaras Selection comes directly from the farmers trained by Becamos’ Speciality Programme to produce distinctive coffee microlots. 

Guara Roja is a red Honey process coffee that is handpicked, choosing only the fully ripe, opaque red cherries.   The semi-washed pulped bean, with only part of mucilage left behind, is dried with carefully on elevated beds to avoid fermentation within the bean. This results in an exquisite combination of sweet & bright acidity with a juicy flavour that stands out with a complex aftertaste. 

Guara Azul Microlots are a significant departure from conventional coffees, not only because of the intensity of flavours but also for the dedication and hard work of the producers. The coffee beans are carefully hand-selected from different Arabica varieties and harvested at high altitude farms in complex microclimates, resulting in a well-balanced cup with good acidity, full-bodied flavour with a consistent and pleasant finish.


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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma almond, sweet biscuits, vanilla, butter

Acidity apricot jam

Body medium

Sweetness yes

Clean Cup yes

Crust biscuit dry

Flavour honey, milk chocolate

Roast Medium Roast