Coffee Of The Month - Java Bayukidul - Coffee Beans

Medium Roast

chocolate, almond, stone fruit

Unlike 'Old Brown' Java, this coffee has not been aged and has a fresh, clean flavour.  It comes from a variety of small-holder farms in Eastern Java, gathered together at a central washing station, where it makes up a lot with other small-scale farmers crops.  The soil and climate in Java is ideal for growing excellent arabica coffee and this is no exception.  

The beans are fully-washed and sun dried resulting in a coffee with the aroma of fine chocolate with notes of delicate stone fruit.  Flavours of almond and honey and a rich chocolatey body and finish.

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma chocolate, stone fruit

Acidity low

Body full-bodied

Crust dark chocolate

Flavour almonds and honey

Roast Medium Roast