Kenya Mweiga AA Top - Coffee Beans

Medium Roast

red berry, sweet, light

Kenya Mweiga AA top is grown at altitudes of over 1700 masl.  The estate is owned by Sasini which is one of Kenya's big 6 coffee exporters.  The Mweiga plantation is part of an estate in the Nyeri district which also has a dairy farm.  

This dairy farm of over 300 cows now generates its own biogas from the dung produced, which in turn provides energy to irrigate the coffee fields without high energy bills.  

Coffee was brought to Kenya in 1893 by missionaries from Brazil who imported the Bourbon varietal.  Originally grown only by white settlers, Kenyans began to grow coffee on their own smallholdings in the 1960's where the cash crop has flourished to be a major part of the Kenyan economy.  

Now Kenya produces 650,000 bags p/a and the Mweiga coffee estate has its own airstrip to transport planeloads of approx 5,700 bags.

The Kenyan washed process is a little different as they wash the beans for 72 hours which allows the mucilage to ferment slightly, resulting in a cleaner, sweeter flavour.  

The 'AA' coffee beans are the largest and best grade of coffee beans.  This Kenya Mweiga AA has a characterful cup with with smooth strawberry sweetness and light acidity and rich dark red berry and stone fruit flavours to finish.

It is particularly suited to be a black coffee, working well in filter, aeropress and cafetière.

light to medium roast

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma sweet, fruity

Acidity wine-like

Body medium

Clean Cup yes

Break oranges

Flavour sweet, bright, citrus

Roast Medium Roast