Nicaragua Finca Las Nubes Co-operative Maragogype - Coffee Beans

Medium Roast

From the Matagalpa region in Nicaragua, Finca Las Nubes, meaning 'farm in the clouds' is made up of small producers who use sustainable farming methods in remote locations  and send their coffee down to the valley for processing.  Little or no chemicals are used in the growing the coffee beans and it is then wet processed and hand sorted for a cleaner and more consistent flavour.  

There are some lighter notes of citrus and orange with a sweet honey and caramel rich flavour with medium body a smooth milk chocolate finish. 

Nicaragua is one of the largest countries in Central America, with both Pacific and Atlantic coastlines, and sharing borders with Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador. The land is dominated by volcanoes, lush tropical highlands and the huge lake Managua.

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Roast Medium Roast