Peru Cafe Femenino Fairtrade Organic

Vanilla, Butter, Sweet

A complex cup with a heady aroma of sweet biscuit, vanilla and butter combined with a rich dry toasty flavour.  It has notes of berry and chocolate with low acidity and medium body. A clean balanced flavour with a sweet finish.

The story of Café Femenino began in 2004 when women farmers from northern Peru began talking with their cooperative leaders about their desire to separate their coffee from the men’s. These female members of CECANOR felt they put more care into their production, creating a superior product and wanted to know if there might be a market for women’s coffee. CECANOR, having already established a partnership with OPTCO over the previous 10 years, collaborated with them to see how they might organize a women’s only coffee for the international marketplace. Together they developed a full social program with the goal to empower female farmers using the production and sale of their own product as the vehicle to create social change. Today the Café Femenino Program continues to have a huge impact in the daily lives of women around the world and creates greater gender equality in families, cooperatives, and communities.

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma floral, sweet biscuits, vanilla, butter

Acidity low

Body low

Sweetness yes

Clean Cup yes

Crust biscuit dry

Flavour toasty, dry

Roaster's notes

Medium Roast