Peru La Peña del Leon Fairtrade Organic

Cherry, cherry, chocolate

The 3 hectare farm 'La Peña del Leon' in the region of Cajamarca belongs to Francisco Aurelio Rivera Alarcon who bought the farm with the help of his parents.  Since then he has been very committed to experimenting and producing different varietals of coffee with the aim of achieving greater cup profiles. 

This coffee scores 86 points with the SCAA and has a fragrance and aroma of ripe cherries with the flavour of sweet cherry and a hint of chocolate.  It has lively acidity and a rich body.

The coffee is 50% Yellow Caturra, 30% Pache, 20% Typica and is shade grown with the use of native trees.  At the altitude of 1800m the ecosystem requires a good number of native species to provide shade and protection for the soil.

The coffee cherries are picked when they are at their optimum level of maturity and sweetness.  The cherries are processed at the farm using traditional methods of fermentation tanks and eco pulpers.  The process is fully washed where the beans are fermented from 14-18 hours depending on weather conditions.  The wet parchment is dried on trays for the first few days until most of the moisture is removed.  The final drying is done on sheets under a structure called 'terrado'

The coffee is then transported to the city of Jaen where it is classified according to quality.  The farmers are rewarded depending on delivering the highest quality as was the case with this particular lot.  


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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma floral, sweet biscuits, vanilla, butter

Sweetness yes

Clean Cup yes

Roaster's notes

Medium Roast