Rwanda Kinini Peaberry

Medium Roast

citrus, creamy, delicate

This Rwandan Peaberry is a sweet and fruity addition to our African offerings, it has a delicious citrus aroma and acidity and an almost creamy aftertaste.  Medium roasted to highlight the delicate flavours.  

The peaberry makes up about 5% of the coffee crop, where only one of the two coffee seeds in the cherry is fertilised, producing a smaller, rounded bean instead of the usual larger, flat-sided coffee bean.  The peaberry is known to be sweet with a desirable acidity.

Rwanda is a small and mountainous country at the heart of the African continent.  It is around half the size of Scotland and is densely populated. Most of the coffee grown there is by the 400,000 small scale coffee farmers and is of Boubon variety.


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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma almond, butter

Aftertaste lingering

Acidity juicy

Body light

Sweetness yes

Clean Cup yes

Crust sweet pudding

Break almond

Flavour green apple

Roast Medium Roast

Roaster's notes

medium roasted, end of 1st snap.