Coffee of the Month - Tanzania Igale Songwe Mbozi

Light - Medium Roast

Grown at an altitude of 1,700-1,800 masl on volcanic soil, this Bourbon varietal has an aroma of campfire marshmallows with a caramelised sugar flavour .  It has a soft and subtle berry acidity, a smooth creamy body and a dark chocolate finish which makes it an accessible African coffee for the uninitiated.   

This is a delicious coffee (kahawa) from the Mbozi district of the Songwe region of Tanzania.  As Kenya's less well known coffee producing neighbour, the Tanzanian economy still relies heavily on agriculture with coffee second only to tobacco in value.  90% of the coffee grown in Tanzania is by smallholders. There are 443 farmers to this washing station and they bring their coffee cherries to Igale to be sorted and graded. The best of the coffee is fermented for 24-48 hours before washing, soaking for 8-12 hours and then drying on raised beds for 7-14 days.  Igale AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society) has a newly purchased pulper allowing for a fully washed process which is an improvement for the coffee production in the area.  They are also building more drying tables to increase the volume of top grade coffee produced.  

Coffee was introduced to Tanzania from the Reunion Islands and after WW1 it was introduced to more areas of the country. Following independence in 1961 there was an increase in production but it was quite badly managed.  Although it produces some delicious top grade coffees, Tanzania still hasn't yet fully realised its potential as a coffee producing country.



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Tasting and Cupping notes

Body full complex body

Sweetness yes

Clean Cup yes

Flavour Brown Sugar, Apricot, Plum

Roast Light - Medium Roast