Peru Agraria Frontera El Oso - Fairtrade Coffee Beans

Vanilla, Butter, Sweet

A superb Peru microlot with fruity notes of cherry, pineapple and berry which develop into a richer cane sugar fuller bodied flavour with a classic caramel-chocolate base. 

Peru Agraria Frontera El Oso (The Bear) is a fair-trade microlot coffee from the Cajamarca region of Northern Peru where the Eastern and Western ranges of the Andes meet, creating valleys that descend into the Amazon basin.  

These valleys have their own microclimates, creating ideal coffee growing conditions attracting wildlife which thrives in the area, including spectacled bears and jaguars.  The farms are in a buffer zone which are protected and all the coffee grown there is done so in harmony with nature, being produced without pesticides or fertiliser among native species and with a culture of protection towards the environment and its inhabitants.

Grown at altitudes of around 1350-1890 masl, the coffee is picked when fully ripe, then fermented in wooden tanks made from the fallen trees, the wooden tanks dispersing the heat produced from the fermentation, allowing an evenly processed batch.  The coffee is fully washed, then sorted at the cooperative in San Ignacio before being transported to the dry mill in nearby Chiclayo city.

Grown without pesticides and fertilisers





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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma floral, sweet biscuits, vanilla, butter

Acidity low

Body low

Sweetness yes

Clean Cup yes

Crust biscuit dry

Flavour toasty, dry

Roaster's notes

Medium Roast