El Salvador Finca Serbia Santa Ana

Medium Roast

jam, caramelised almonds, cocoa

This coffee has a light red grape acidity and jammy summer berry flavours which develop into distinct caramelised almond notes with a dark chocolate cocoa finish.  Medium roasted to preserve the delicate notes in the coffee, it makes a terrific espresso but is also suited to other brewing methods.

Finca Serbia is owned by Fernando Lima and family.  It is in the Municipio El Congo in Santa Ana region of El Salvador where the coffee is shade grown under the canopy of Cedar, Oak and Balsam.  The rich volcanic soil and high altitude gives the coffee near perfect growing conditions.  The coffee plantation was established in the 1930s and has been family owned ever since.  The Lima family are award winning producers who also own other farms in the area.  



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Tasting and Cupping notes

Roast Medium Roast